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Our track record of FINISH in India and Kenya underlines our ambition. FINISH India started in 2009 with the aim to build a local system to deliver sanitation services on a large scale. In India, living conditions for over 3.5 million people have improved through 700,000 sanitation systems in a € 110 million sanitation programme. 5% grant funding from the Dutch Government kick-started this.

A key reason for continued support to India in the new funding phase is the shift to faecal sludge management.

FINISH Society was then established in 2010 as an implementing arm of the FINISH programme in India. The Society is furthering the extension of sanitation coverage in the country. For more information on the Society, please visit their website at www.finishsociety.org.

In 2013, FINISH expanded to Kenya, where till date over 100,000 people have improved living conditions. Also, local market mechanisms are developed so that benefits stay local, children get access to school sanitation, financial institutions find new markets and small businesses find sanitation markets. The programme started in 2 counties and from 2018 has started to expand to 6 more.

In both countries, trained masons got paid for 7.6 million workdays in construction alone. About half of sanitation loan clients are first time bankers and more than half of these are women.


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The greywater treatment project in the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu is called Securing Water For Food (SWFF). It has treated kitchen and bathroom water waste to recycle and release it to 25,000 acres of farmland in the Badaga community-dominated area of the Nilgiris. The farm produce from this US AID-funded project has shown a 15 percent increase in yield.

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